We’re Going Streaking

To have a double digit win streak, a lot of things have to go right. A team’s pitching and hitting have to be clicking and for the Indians and Diamondbacks, they are.

With Arizona and Cleveland both at 13 and 15 games in their current win streaks, I wanted to take a look and see who may have the more impressive streak at this point. That’s not to say that both aren’t amazing, they are, but is one more outstanding than the other?

These teams haven’t fallen behind too often the last few weeks. Sometimes playing from behind is tough, and if you want to go on a streak like this, you can’t do it too often. In fact, Arizona didn’t trail at all for 98 innings. That is not a typo. That’s a 9 and 8…98. The Indians have only trailed 2 times during this streak. They trailed for 1/2 inning on Tuesday to the White Sox, and to the Yankees for 1/2 inning back on August 28. That’s not to shabby either.

You have to have good hitting, right? Well they both have that going. The Indians have scored double digits 5 times in their last 15 games, while the Dbacks have done it twice in their last 13 games. The Indians have outscored their opponents by a mere 81 runs during the streak as well; and thanks in part to Arizona, who held the Dodgers in check in six games during their own streak, the Indians now have an MLB best run differential of +199. Arizona has also been winning quite handily. During their 13 game streak, they have outscored opponents 80-27.

Pitching is usually the biggest key to any victory, especially winning streaks like these. The Indians Starters have only allowed 20 earned runs throughout the streak so far, including four shutouts. Arizona starters have only given up 14 earned runs with two shutouts of their own. Bullpens have been key as well, the Indians bullpen has allowed just 5 earned runs in 41 innings. While the Arizona pen has allowed 11 runs in 37 innings.

You have to be able to win in different settings against whoever is in your path. Do you remember how I mentioned Arizona held the Dodgers in check? Well the Dbacks have beaten a near historic team in their last 6 games against the Dodgers, including the last three in Dodger Stadium. The Tribe swept an 11 game road trip during their streak that also included two double headers against the Yankees and the Tigers.

As of today the Indians have a commanding 11 game lead atop the American League Central with a record of 84-56. The Diamondbacks, are stuck behind the juggernaut Dodgers by 10 games in the National League West, but are currently in the number one Wild Card position with a seven game lead over divisional foes, the Colorado Rockies.

However you look at it, and whichever team you think has the more impressive streak, both teams are playing some amazing baseball. There have been incredible defensive plays, lots of runs and homers, stellar pitching and it’s been a lot of fun. If you haven’t been paying attention to these two teams, you need to.

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