A win streak of 10 gets you noticed, a win streak of 15 gets you some attention (and free windows), a win streak of 21? Well that gets you in the history books.

It has been an incredible streak so far. There are a million stats in baseball, and I really want to break them all down, and provide an analysis of how this happened, but I can’t. I am so excited for this team, and for this city, and for all of the fans, that I can’t even think enough to do the analysis.

Even if you personally are not a baseball fan, if you are from Cleveland, you are probably feeling the electricity, and you are probably even paying close attention. There is something to this team that sets them apart from all of the other teams who have been in similar streaks. The club really looks like they are having fun. Winning a lot of games will definitely help lighten the mood on a daily basis, but even before the streak started, they were loose, and playing hard. I think that is absolutely one of the biggest reasons for this amount of success.

I don’t want this to be about stats, this is about fun. But lets think about something here. The era of baseball we are in now, is one of the greatest ever. We have some of the best ballplayers in the league now, from all over the world. Three teams have reached streaks of 21 or more prior to the Indians doing it today. The 1935 Cubs are the most comparable, but truly don’t come close. The league had not even been integrated until 1947, so you can’t tell me that team was playing against the greatest athletes in the world, when the league did’t even let everyone participate. The other two teams to do it, The 1880 Chicago White Stockings had a streak of 21 as well, and the 1916 New York Giants recorded a streak of 26 games, but both had unofficial ties during their streaks. They may have had unbeaten streaks, but they do not have comparable win streaks.

The Tribe will take on the Kansas City Royals next. The last time the two teams met, the Indians swept them in a 3 game series, and shut them out in every single game. Now, that probably will not happen again, and in this league of parody, any team can beat any other team on any day, but there should be some confidence heading into the next series. If the tribe wins tomorrow night, they will set the record for longest win streak in MLB history. I can bet all eyes will be on Cleveland tomorrow night, and deservedly so. I don’t know if this club will win tomorrow, but if they do, the town will be electric heading into the postseason in just a few weeks.

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