Browns vs Colts week 3 – Recap

With all of the makings of a blowout early, the Browns respond and make it close.

So I am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. I thought the Browns had a chance to win this game, and they probably should have. Kizer, again had some moments where he looked like he could lead this team, and the loss wasn’t totally his fault. He’s still too slow to get rid of the ball, and he is not taking care of the ball. DeShone had two touchdowns, including one on the ground, but he also had three interceptions. Accompany the eight dropped passes and you have a recipe for a loss.

The running game wasn’t great, Kizer ran for 44 yards, including the touchdown, equaling the amount of yards Crowell tallied. Duke Johnson also had a touchdown on 23 yards. Johnson also led the team with 81 yards receiving and Kenny Britt finally made his presence felt with 54 yards and a touchdown. Rookie tight end, David Njoku added a touchdown as well.

The Colts played well today. They came out fast and capitalized on Browns’ mistakes. Jacoby Brissett played very well and very efficiently. He threw for 259 yards and a touchdown, and ran for two others. Frank Gore added a touchdown as well on the ground, on 57 yards.

The Browns defensive scheme allowed the Colts to make plays in chunks. They struggled in containing Brissett and allowed him mobility under pressure. The Colts were able to move the ball fairly well on several drives, and faced little resistance, only being forced to punt three times.

The Browns didn’t back down, and made a strong comeback attempt. If they can limit the mistakes, and take care of the football, a lot could change in these close games. Kizer needs to play better, flat out. He needs to make better decisions and throw the ball with a little more touch. He has a very strong arm, but needs to learn when to tone it down. Some of the drops may be attributed to him putting too much zip on balls that don’t need it. Not sure if he is forcing it, if he’s over amped up, or what, but not every pass needs to be 100mph. Next week is a new challenge for the Browns, and hopefully they can put it together for a win.

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