Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts – Week 3

A pair of 0-2 teams look to rebound, and start to turn their season around. It should be a tough battle, while both teams fight to avoid dropping to 0-3 on the year.

This week, I feel like the Browns have a good chance to finally notch a mark in the win column. The Colts come into the game with 28th ranked total defense, and although Cleveland has struggled offensively, this is a matchup that could get them clicking. Crowell and Johnson could both see big opportunities against the Colts, who have the 29th ranked rush defense, and DeShone Kizer will hopefully begin to feel a little more comfortable, and get some rhythm against the Indy pass defense, which has the 4th most yards allowed. The receivers need to help Kizer though; they need to run full routes, be explosive off of the line, and catch the ball. No more drops and lackadaisical route running if you want to win this week. Also, stop turning the ball over. This can’t happen against bad teams. It is a must that they keep the ball if they’re going to win today.

The Browns defense is running in the middle of the pack with a total defense ranking of 16th. While the offense struggled so far this season, the defensive unit has been on the field a lot, which had worn them down and made them vulnerable to big plays. The Colts have the 30 ranked total offense and the Browns should be able to take advantage of that. With the pressure they bring, and physical D, it should be a solid turnout today for the unit as a whole. The Browns style of D will be difficult for Jacoby Brissett to figure out, and the Browns should be able to force him into making a few mistakes, and turn the ball over.

When the clock hits triple zeros, I expect the Browns to have their first win of the year. The offense may struggle a little, but the defense will keep them afloat enough for them to get into a nice rhythm and score some points. I don’t see the Colts having enough fire power to pull this one out. The Browns will win it 28-17 and look to gain some momentum early in the young season.

What to watch for:

  • Kizer and the Browns need to stop turning the ball over.
  • The Browns offense needs to get into a rhythm early and put pressure on a bad defensive unit.
  • Can the Browns D force Brissett into making mistakes and turnovers

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