A Letter To The Cleveland Indians

My letter to the Cleveland Indians.

To the entire staff of the Cleveland Indians,I have not written anything since the team was defeated in game five of the American League Division Series. I have been paying attention to sports, and the athletic world, but I needed to take some time and digest the 2017 season. This season exhausted me. All kinds of ups and downs, good times and bad, and it was amazing!The front office, all of the way up to ownership has been amazing this past year. Bringing in Edwin Encarnacion, and Jay Bruce; reuniting us with Joe Smith, and making the key, under the radar moves that proved themselves invaluable. The owners allowed the front office to spend some money, and it helped make this team far more talented than us fans may have imagined.

Tito! What can I say, you were great. You motivated your players and kept them performing at a high level all season long. Almost every button that you pushed was the right one, and you helped keep the clubhouse loose through long and difficult season, which had plenty of ups and downs. You, as well as your coaching staff were incredible. I know some guys may be leaving to get their shot at managing other clubs, and that is in a big way because of you. I’d hate to see anyone leave from your staff, but good luck if they do. Mickey and Sandy have been thrown around as possible managerial candidates, and they learned from one of the best the past few years.

And to the players, you of course get the biggest thank you of all. You put it all out there every day and made our city as excited about baseball as they have been in years. It was truly remarkable watching you all this season. The incredible pitching staff, the great young stars…it is really something to see. For 22 straight games, you were the talk of the country. Everyone around the world got a look at our hometown team, and they were all impressed. You were all humble and gracious, and represented our city very well. You all turned the passive fan into a fanatic, the fringe fan became enamored, and the already die hard fans became engulfed in you all and your success. From spectacular pitching, towering home runs, amazing plays in the field, it was a season to remember.

It is unfortunate that the season ended the way it did, not for us fans or the media members, but for you all. From the bat boy to the owners, you all deserved to play a lot longer into the fall. Thank you for revitalizing a sometimes stagnant fan base. Thank you for playing so unselfishly. Thank you for giving it all you had, every single game. This was the most fun I’ve had as a fan in a long time, and with your future as bright as it is, I imagine there will be a lot more years like this to come.

Wishing you all the best,

A grateful fan!

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