The Playoff Push

With ten days left in the season, the final playoff spots are still up for grabs. Nobody has clinched a Wildcard birth yet, and three of the six divisions are still unclaimed. Although there are still three remaining division championships up in the air, the Dodgers should clinch the National League West soon, and barring a collapse, the Cubs should take care of the Central. … Continue reading The Playoff Push

The American League’s Wild Ride to the Wildcard

As the Season is winding down, the race for October is heating up. Since the addition of a second Wildcard team to the MLB playoffs, the last few weeks of the season have a whole new feel. In 2012, MLB decided that they were going to add a second Wildcard to their playoff structure, and it has worked out very well. There is more excitement … Continue reading The American League’s Wild Ride to the Wildcard